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Konark Enterprises, the leading manufacturer of Polyurethane Coated Rollers and Polyurethane moulded Accessories is having State-of-the-art-PU Coating Plant.

Mr. Pankaj Singhal, Proprietor of Konark Enterprises, had contributed a lot in the rubber roller industry. He had worked a lot in developing various combination of rubber compounds, for different applications in Steel and Paper Industry.

Having in excess of 10 years of in-depth experience as a Quality Urethane Roller Coating/Covering company – we use our wealth of experience in terms of selecting Right grade of Urethane with Right Technology to address the most of end-use requirements in specific application : An innovative combination of Urethane Chemistry & Processing Technology!

Our Manufacturing facility located near Delhi is equipped with state of art machines & equipments as, Highly Sophisticated Urethane Reactor & Coating Machine from Baule SA ( Now Bayer), France High Quality Urethane Raw Materials & process Technology from M/S Notedome, UK Specicifically designed Applicator Roller Coating M/C from SAIP, Italy High Class Grinding & Machining facility supported by Test Labs.

Our Capability : We are please to state that Konark has been growing with Steel Industries. We have been always First choice for our esteemed customers for Bridle Roller, Deflector Roller, Squeeze Roller, Applicator Rollers. We have always given the Import/OEM substitute to our customers in terms of Applicator Roller for CCL lines, Squeeze Rollers for Harsh Acidic Environment, Sink Rollers etc

We adhere to the credo of high quality, competitive price, punctual delivery, on the principle of "generate new customers with reserve recent customers" add perfect production and sales according to the market demand.

Konathane the brand ambassador of konark increases production efficiency in shop-floor operations and to be more precised it can be set that konathane is a comprehensive, new generation polyurethane cover solutions to various applications in different industries.

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If You looking Steel Plant Industries,Material Handling Industries, Oil-Marine Fields, Mining Industries;l, Transportation Industries and Automobile Industry Roller Solution ... We Are Available For You