Polyurethane Coil Storage Pads

Polyurethane Coil Storage Pads

Polyurethane Coil Storage Pads Manufacturers

Polyurethane coil pads are created by using polymers secured to metal plates which can be constructed in a variety of shapes, durometers, sizes and colors. Our polyurethane coil pads are designed to maintain integrity while enduring an endless heavy load. These polyurethane coil pads are produced for virtually any industries; they help reduce the cost of damaged product which increases overall profit. Normally, each time your product comes into contact with another material you increase the risk of scratches or damage, but with our urethane coil pads, you are guaranteed more durability while your products remain in their perfect condition.

Konark Enterprises polyurethane coil pads have been constructed to withstand the most brutal forces to expand the life of your machinery. Polyurethane coil pads are made to maintain integrity while enduring endless heavy load capacity. Polyurethane coil pads are oil and cut resistant and can be made in various colors for high visibility and safety. Also, no more coil damage from uneven coils and with us you get fast, easy and versatile installation of urethane coil pads. Known as the best on the market the geometry of our urethane coil pads are optimized to reduce friction. They eliminate coil damage from coil set downs and are also designed to fit in standard steel channels in order to provide maximum flexibility and safety.


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