Polyurethane Suction Cup

Polyurethane Suction Cup

Urethane Suction Cup

Polyurethane suction cups for can manufacturing and plate glass handling. Standard sizes available and custom molded cups can be made. Our Urethane suction cups product range includes a wide variety of styles with various shapes, sizes and materials for your application. Our Vacuum Cups consist of a flexible, elastic material and a connection to the vacuum source. Konarkpu have also created a user-friendly Application, Characteristics and Usage (ACU) Index to assist in the selection of the most appropriate vacuum cup for the application.

If the surface of the part is smooth and flat, a flat vacuum cup is usually the best bet. Flat cups attach and release quickly and because flat cups do not tend to bend out of shape, they hold well on vertical surfaces. If the surface is textured, curved or angled, a bellows cup is usually the best choice. Bellows cups come in a variety of depths which allows them to conform to a wide range of uneven surfaces. Because bellows cups tend to bend out of shape more than flat cups, they sometimes have trouble maintaining a vacuum when gripping heavier, vertical surfaces. Construction techniques such as the ones on the right can help to overcome this problem.

Konarkpu Urethane suction cups are constructed of polyurethane in two different durometers (flexibility). The cups have sturdy bellows and a large flexible sealing surface that performs extremely well on uneven surfaces. The polyurethane makes them mark free and long lasting. The dual durometer makes these vacuum cups both strong and flexible.


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