Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings

Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings

Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings

Polyurethane slitter spacers can be made in ring form or bonded directly to a metal hub. Tight tolerances are held on the width and on the inside of the rings. Konark Enterprises spacers and stripper rings are manufactured for stability and precision tolerances from synthetic rubber to prevent metal strips from scratching or marring during cutting or trimming applications. They are available in a wide range of durometers, size and color options. Stripper rings are a critical component in the slitting process. We offer all types of stripping rings and customized clad rings for ultra–sensitive surfaces.

Our stripper rings are available in:

  • Vulcanized rubber to steel spacer (clad stripper rings)
  • Single and dual durometer rubber snug-fit rings
  • Tool steel
  • Aluminum
  • Phenolic

Type of Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings

  • Clad Stripper Rings
  • Snug-fit Rubber Stripper Rings
  • Steel Stripper Rings
  • Aluminum and Phenolic Rings

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