Polyurethane Gears

Polyurethane Gears

Polyurethane Gears Manufacturers

We are manufacturers and suppliers of polyurethane gears and long-running, quiet and economical. Some custom polyurethane gears and sprockets require a combination of materials including stainless, urethane. Utilizing a variety of manufacturing methods, we can produce any quantity of custom urethane gears economically. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to fabricate, machine or mold the appropriate custom urethane gears. Additionally, additives can be used to modify the urethane to prevent static buildup or to dissipate static electricity. Some advantages of using custom urethane gears are, high noise abatement, function well in extreme environments, are self-lubricating, durable and abrasion resistant. Konarkpu offers the largest selection of cast urethane gears some of which include.

Our large cast polyurethane gears offer solutions to problems other materials cannot. They are impact, chemical, and abrasion resistant, yielding properties that cannot be achieved using rubber or steel. The teeth flex allowing for slight misalignment yet retain the rigidity to perform. If requested, Precision Urethane can design custom polyurethane gears using a specific durometer so they will sheer, saving more expensive parts of equipment.

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