Press on Polyurethane Conveyor Roll

Press on Polyurethane Conveyor Roll

Press on Urethane Conveyor Roll

Urethane conveyor rollers are commonly made from a steel core coated with polyurethane commonly found in assembly lines. Urethane conveyor rollers are replacing plastic, rubber and metal rollers in today’s high demand manufacturing environments. Urethane conveyor rollers help belt drive systems to operate longer with less downtime and lower replacement maintenance costs with short lead times on replacement.

We can also strip and recover any existing urethane conveyor rollers that were previously coated. Unlike plastic, rubber and steel polyurethane conveyor rollers offer very long service life with the great ability to absorb vibration and dampen noise. Urethane conveyor rollers offer better traction than traditional rollers with additives that can reduce static build up causing the material being processed to stick to the roller.

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